“To say that Deborah Emmanuel is a woman of many facets is hardly an exaggeration. “

Gary Lim, City Nomads
Dec 2018

“No matter how throughly modern life has come to be blanketed by the digital thrall, the sacrosanct role of poets and writers has endured. Singaporean poet and multi-disciplinary artist Deborah Emmanuel is one such scribe whose work uses the verbal medium to continually interrogate, examine and enrich society.”

Indran P, Bandwagon Asia
Nov 2018

“Image aside, the 28-year-old local author and spoken poet possesses a voice that’s hard to ignore in both written and spoken forms.”

Adibah Isa, Buro247
March 2016

“Poet, performer and four-time TEDX speaker, Deborah Emmanuel is a force to be reckoned with.”

March 2019

“Emmanuel has a scenic presence that does not end you. Not because it imposes or is aggressive, on the contrary: because it gives integrity and is comfortable”

Irene Pujadas, El National
May 2018

“Finding Herself After Losing Her Mother And Serving Time In Prison”

Arman, Everyday People
Dec 2018

” The Guide had the chance to speak with guest artist Singaporean poet Deborah Emmanuel who gave a fascinating insight into her creative process.”

Judith Greenaway, Sydney Arts Guide
Oct 2018

“Deborah Emmanuel seems like a sunny enough character. The Singaporean writer is young, witty, affable and attractive. Even her rave-reviewed collection of poems is called When I Giggle In My Sleep. So when she says she has taken a short break from writing and performing her poetry to pen a non-fiction novel based on her own experiences, you wonder what she could have possibly lived through that would take a whole book to tell.”

Jo Tan, Today Online
May 2016