My father had this mammoth CD collection as I was growing up. There were hundreds of discs in stacks and stacks. They made alphabetized walls on either side of the television. There was always music playing. Elton John, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin. I even found an unwrapped copy of Core by the Stone Temple Pilots. (I will always wonder how that got there.)

From the formative times, life had a soundtrack. From Black Metal to Trance to German Reggae. Whole eras have passed with a small selection of albums on repeat. Music has the power to transcend language, biological age or ideas of “we are too different”. Music can offer moments of insight and wisdom. I am so grateful to be able to listen. And to finally enjoy silence too.

These days I have opportunities to contribute my words and voice to songs and albums on multiple projects with many different musicians and instruments. For this I am so grateful.


Mantravine is a world electronic music group of sonic sorcerers from Singapore that combines electronic and acoustic worlds with music. Their melodic harmonies and gravity defying grooves positively touch present beings across planetary pastures far and wide. Their sound is inspired by nature, universal sounds, stimulating frequencies & everyday connections. The band comprises of Singaporean poet Deborah Emmanuel, Japanese trombonist Eriko Murakami, Malaysian jazz violinist Karen Denise de Silva, Cuban multi-instrumentalist Eddy Fleitas del Sol, American guitarist Seth Rouse and Indian music producer Rupak George.


The Ditha Project

The Ditha Project was conceived in the prismatic district of West End, Brisbane in 2016 by Australian instrumentalist Luke Johnson and Singaporean poet-performer Deborah Emmanuel, with Nicholas Downing on drums and Denholm Brockley on saxophone.


Kiat + Deborah Emmanuel

Kiat, pioneering electronic music producer/DJ and poet/performer Deborah Emmanuel take you on a trip through poetic soul and sound, using a blend of produced beats, poetry and song to reflect on our current times and weave dreams about an elucidated future.



Wobology is an interstellar spaceship fuelled by rainbows and old tie-dye t-shirts. Its ongoing mission is to find a cure for lameness, break out new beats and dance moves, and boldly go where no band has gone before.

The crew is: Richard the warp drive captain who tweaks the engine sound, Deborah the artificially intelligent onboard entertainment system, and Rupak who is more than just theoretical with the strings.

The sound of the spacecraft cannot be classified into some easily explained genre. Sometimes it wobbles, sometimes it beeps. Sometimes it sounds like an alien language. Occasionally it falls off the edge of the galaxy and into another dimension.

The risks are infinite, but if they succeed…our world will be changed forever.