Hello. Thank you for coming here to read about me. My name is ArunDitha (Arun~Light, Ditha ~ Beloved Daughter) and I am a creatrix. From classical Latin, the word creātrīx means mother, creatress, an authoress of a situation. The creatrix gives birth to her creations. This is how I feel when I make art. So much of my work is born through an experience of pain and joy; inner disharmony. My work is a flow finding itself, eventually transforming into a beautiful living object. For me, everything is alive, even what is commonly perceived as inanimate.

     Since I was a child there were poems which were scribbled in secret. I did it when the emotions grew so big they had to spill out of me. There were so many experiences which I struggled with, and I learnt early on that one of the best ways to process my world was to express what I was feeling in order to observe it. 

    I did not know that writing would become the foundation of my work. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be an actor and so have received formal training (if you’re into that stuff) in applied theatre and performance with institutions like Lasalle-SIA College Of The Arts (Singapore), the Singapore Repertory Theatre and Griffith University (Brisbane). This training helped me to develop the fundamental performance abilities visible in my live work.

    Soon after my pursuits in theatre, I discovered that I did not only want to be an instrument to tell the stories of others. After all the trauma I have experienced and all the survivors I have met, it has become clear that the agency to tell our chosen story is of utmost importance. Thus began my path to tell the stories I want to tell. These days I do this with music, movement, theatre and of course, lots of writing. Singing beautiful sounds is also increasingly a part of my life’s work.

My purpose as an artist and human being is to serve, and everything I make is an offering in some way. Sometimes I offer something deeply personal in the form of a poem which people might resonate with. Sometimes I offer my knowledge to others in the form of a workshop. Sometimes I conduct healing sessions and share the intuitive wisdom which manifests through me with Be. Your. Self.  Sometimes I work with diverse clients to manifest their goals. I even have worked as a presenter on CNA’s Show Me The City!

I believe that an intention can be communicated in many different ways, and a big part of my existence is about embodying new ways of expressing my unique and ever-changing Self, to share my light with the world.

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Photograph by Nydia Hartono

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